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Partnership for Certainty

Our team has collectively raised 7 SPACs, totaling $2.2B in trust capital, and has made extensive private market investments, including Square, Eventbrite, DigitalOcean, Calm, and Gitlab. We believe our investments have demonstrated a history of strong performance based on realized returns.

We believe that our past performance and proven ability in raising PIPEs, with over $360M in PIPE capital raised cumulatively for business combinations totaling $4.4B in equity value, will provide partner companies with increased confidence of proceeds and valuation as well as reduced management distraction. We also believe the Company is well-positioned to establish a stable base of long-term investors for our partner company through relationships and rigorous diligence. We have invested in or advised CEOs at 14 companies valued over $1B, putting us in a privileged position to be a strong strategic and tactical partner to our eventual partner company

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